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Thurs - Sat, 10 am - 4 pm
Sundays, 1 - 4 pm
May through October

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108 Front Street
P.O. Box 53
Cowan, TN 37318-0053

Cowan Railroad Museum
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Ongoing Projects

The future of the Museum is bright as rapid development in tourism and services is anticipated in the area.

First and foremost is our center of operations and repository, the historic NC&StL passenger depot. Now over 100 years old, it has weathered well sustaining having been moved and having certain modifications made to it over the years. Yet, deferred maintenance is never a good idea, and certainly the L&N did minimal repair to the structure when in use, till sold to Cowan Beautification Committee in 1976. The building underwent major renovation in 2010-2011, replacing certain aging exterior wood and repainting from top to bottom. A solid new roof was added to the lower long structure several years ago and is holding up nicely. The original standing seam tin roof on the tower portion is in need of minor repair. It is hoped to someday install the entire roof as it once was with standing seam tin. As well, reversal of the exterior modifications is also desired. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

  • Archive Project - inventory, scanning and data input
  • Re-lettering of the Columbia Steam Locomotive number 1.
    (Painting was completed in 2008)
  • Restoration of the GE 44 tonner number 100.
  • Restoration of the NC&StL Boxcar.
  • Laying of more track and addition of a few switches for storage and display.
  • Acquisition of additional full size displays, installation of the historic telegraph poles.
  • Installation of platforms for people to have a better view of the displays outside.
  • Refurbishment of the Cowan-style HO layout is underway and continues each year after the museum closes for the season.
  • Community involvement programs and youth education.
  • Increasing membership, activities and participation. Be sure to renew if you are already a member!
  • An actively maintained and informative dynamic website.
  • Institution of a periodic newsletter.
  • Working associations with other preservation groups and similar museums.

As you can see, there are many opportunities here and more to come! Your own ideas are welcome on how to make the Cowan Railroad Museum the best in the south.

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