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Diesel - GE 44 ton, NC&StL #100

Diesel electric locomotive, General Electric 44 tonner, former NC&StL number 100. This is our newest acquisition as a long-term loan, moved into place in Jun 2007.
Built in 1950, the first of four for the road, used exclusively at Huntsville, AL untill
sold in 1960 by the L&N (post-merger).

A pair of Caterpillar 1750 cubic inch V-8 Diesels rated at 190HP each, can operate independently, one under each hood.

Important as the first locomotive ever to be equipped with radio control in such manner as to not require an engineer in the cab (1962).

The controls and considerable transistorized electronics are still intact and slated to be removed, cosmetically restored and saved for separate display. As well, the engine is slated for a complete renovation of its exterior to the original appearance of maroon and yellow triple-stripe. Exterior appearance to be restored by September 2007. It appears also to be otherwise complete and near running condition.

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